under construction - almost back!
under construction - almost back!
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2016 Order Period Status

Hi! If you participated in the order period that opened in March 2016, you can check the status here. This page will be updated as news is added. :) 

Last updated: July 6

Shipped Orders: 40%

Fun Statistics!

  • Total $$$ spent on shipping postage: $328.86
  • Total post office runs: 17
  • Total dark chocolate bars consumed during production of these eyes: 11

General updates:

June 9th update 

I was not able to ship out nearly as many orders as anticipated, mostly due to the almost constant bad, rainy weather through the end of May. June is my new goal. I aim to have everyone's orders 100% shipped by the end of this month.

May 2nd update: May is shipping month.

I hope to have the majority of orders shipped out during this month. ^^

April 25th: back home

I'm all done with the Resin Rose Expo, so order shipments will begin to pick up speed now!

April 13th - 20th, no orders will ship.

I will be out of town for the Resin Rose BJD Expo. (dates may change slightly -- I have to drive a really long way to reach this Expo, so I'm not certain about my itinerary yet :x) Obviously, orders won't be shipped while I'm out of town.

12mm SI, SI LD News

12mm SI and SI LD eyes are running behind the others. If your order includes 12 SI or SI LD, your order may ship later compared to orders without this size.

10mm Eyes Redesigned

10mm eyes have often caused batch-wide delays in the past. That's why we recently completely redesigned 10mm eyes. You may notice improvements in the optics of the dome of the eye, and the smoothness and evenness of the white of the eye.  However, the redesign was mostly just allow me to make 10mm eyes more quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to worry about the changes being too dramatic. All sizing and measurements, colors, etc., remain exactly the same as the old 10mm eyes. :)

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