DollBakery offers beautiful urethane eyes for your ball jointed dolls. Each eye is fully handmade and totally unique!

Currently, eyes are being listed on a case by case basis: each page shows the exact pair of unique, in-stock, ready to ship eyes you will be purchasing... so please take a moment to peruse each listing and get to know the unique qualities of each pair! :)

June Updates:

June Updates:

6.11 update: After a long unexpected extremely agonizing hiatus and a few false starts, I am extremely pleased to be able to offer a small (but growing) selection of available, in-stock urethane eyes here once again.

In June 2024, inventory is being manually and actively added every few days. If a product page doesn't have images or info yet, please check back because they will be added soon.

Welcome back...!

It's been a while! At the moment this is a "soft relaunch" -- meaning that inventory is being quietly added to the site behind the scenes, but this hasn't yet been officially advertised or mentioned on the mailing list or anywhere else. So if you're here now, it may be because you're checking in on the site manually (and have possibly been waiting a very long time for eyes to be available again!). I greatly and deeply appreciate that (Thank you for your patience and and for remembering DollBakery even though the site was 'dead' for a while!).


All shipping currently is free with the code above!
(Free shipping won't be available forever, so please take advantage of it while you can.)

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA shipments will be sent with "USPS Ground Advantage" (which was called USPS First Class until very recently).
🌍 International shipping is no problem! We can ship anywhere. Shipments will be sent with USPS or equivalent service for your region of the world.

Orders will not be sent on Sundays. Thank you for understanding.


Need help?

If you have questions, need help with your order, etc., please contact Michelle: [email]