About Detailing and Shimmer

Iris Detailing

The detailing in the iris, sometimes referred to as "threading," are the lines that radiate out from the pupil. This detailing can have varying degrees of contrast, which makes it more or less noticeable. 

  • No noticeable detailing -- the iris is a solid color. Irises with no detailing at all are generally seen on no-pupil eyes, or extremely glittery eyes (because the glitter is so large that it physically covers up the iris details!) 
  • Moderate detailing. This is frequently seen on light or pastel-colored eyes, because light colors naturally provide less contrast. It's also seen on moderately glittery eyes.
  • High contrast detailing. This detailing really stands out, and is actually 3-dimensional in nature.



This refers to the amount of "glitter" in the iris. Shimmer can range from chunky holo glitter to extremely fine metallic micas.

  • Level 1: means there is no shimmer. 
  • Level 2: Very light, fine metallic particles. 
  • Level 3: Faintly glittery. 
  • Level 4: 
  • Level 5: Chunky, very sparkly, noticeable glitter. 
  • Level 6: EXTREME glitter chunks.

Levels 1 and 2 are perfect for more realistic dolls. 3 should be fine, too, unless you're really intolerant of glitter. 4 is borderline. Levels 5 and 6 should probably only be used for fantasy/magic/non-human/etc dolls! 



Iridescence, sometimes called "interference," is when the colors change depending on which angle you view them at.


Iridescence is not well captured by a camera. The best way to see it is by moving the eyes around and watching how the colors change. 


Can you change the level of iris detail for this color?

Generally no. I do the same amount of physical work to detail every iris, it's just that some colors showcase the details that I do better, and some don't.


Can you change the amount of shimmer in the color that I want?

I can add more (it's extra work so an added fee ), but I can't take it away. The shimmer is actually part of the colors that I've mixed.