Custom Size Program

I've occasionally received requests for rare or unusual sizes. People have asked "can you make 21mm? What about 15mm?"

The answer is always yes! I can make any size eye you want.

However, in order to cover the large expense of getting the prototypes for a new size of eye produced, your order must include 15 of more pairs of eyes in the new custom size.

So if you wish to order a custom size, I recommend that you form a group order with some of your friends or other hobbyists who are all interested in purchasing the same custom size.

If you've arranged a group and wish to make a group order, please contact me today and I can begin to make your custom size eyes for you!

Questions and Answers:

"What is the price for custom sizes?"
Custom sizes cost the same as standard size DollBakery eyes.

"Do I have to wait until an order period is open to make a group order with the custom size program?"

No! :] Your group can order immediately, there is no waiting to order for custom sizes.

"Then how long will it take to receive custom sized eyes?"

After receiving the group order, a new custom size prototype can be produced in about 1 week (+/-). After that, the standard 30 - 60 days production time applies.

"Will finished eyes be shipped to the group leader, or to each individual group participant?"

Whatever you prefer. You'll most likely save on shipping costs if I just ship everyone's orders to the group leader, though. If you want me to ship to each individual member, additional postage fees may apply.

"Can the custom size program include iris size modification? For example, if I want a 12mm eye with the iris diameter of a 10mm-sized eye?"

Yes! It's possible to make any size eye with a different-from-standard sized iris diameter.

 Other Rules

  1. For easiest communication, please have a defined group leader.
  2. It should go without saying, but everyone in your group needs to be ordering the same custom size at once. It won't work if half the people in your group want 17mm eyes and half want 23mm!

Other questions?

Please contact me!

Updated 3/17/15