DollBakery Urethane Eyes of the Month

Introducing a new concept: DollBakery Urethane Eyes of the Month!

Every month, a new unique color will be released.

A limited quantity of the monthly color will be made available. 

urethane eyes

The eyes will be in stock and ready to ship immediately near the beginning of each and every month. Once the color of the month sells out, it will be gone forever. 

The November 2015 eye of the month is a silvery blue-gray with a bright golden/copper burst in the center. The color is inspired by the fall-to-winter seasonal transition of November. =)

DollBakery monthly urethane eyes

Special variants of each monthly color will also be released.

DollBakery urethane eyes

Special variants will be basically the same as the monthly color, but with a special twist! This month's special variants include some eyes containing authentic Swarovski crystals, plus some other surprises.

Please check back in November for the first batch of DollBakery Urethane Eyes of the Month!

DollBakery monthly eyes