How To Order

Hi, and thank you for your interest in the eyes that I make! I hope that the details below will answer the questions you may have about ordering. If you're not clear about anything, feel free to ask me for more details!


How can I order eyes?

Eyes are only available to buy during the order period. If eyes are listed as "Sold Out" or there's no "add to cart button," it means that the order period is currently closed.


When will the order period open?

I will be opening it several times a year. Please subscribe to the email newsletter to get advanced notice of it. 

 DollBakery Urethane Doll Eyes

Why do you have the order period? Why can't you be open for orders all the time?

I wish I could be...  but it takes a long time to make each pair of eyes, and they tend to sell out fast! I can't make enough to keep them in stock all the time. 


What's it like after the order period opens?

When the order period is open, an "add to cart" button appears on the product page. Select the size you want, add it to the cart (more than once, if you want more than one pair), and then simply checkout with any credit card or Paypal.

During each order period, I only can accept a certain amount of orders. Sometimes all the spots get filled in hours, or even minutes! So if you want to get a spot in the order batch, I encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter so you can be warned in advance. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit cards and Paypal.


Are eyes sold in pairs?

Yes they are. But I've had people ask if I could sell them one pair consisting of two different colors (eg., heterochromia). Sure, I'd be happy to do that for you, just ask.

DollBakery Urethane Doll Eyes


Why can't you accept more orders?

Because it takes a certain amount of time to make each eye, if I accept too many orders, people will end up having to wait for too long to receive their items.


International Orders: Can you ship to my country?

Yes, I've shipped to dozens of countries all over the world and I've never had problems shipping anywhere.

Tip: If you are an international customer, when you check out, please remember include your phone number. Your phone number will not be used or shared unless your package gets lost, in which case your local post office may use it to contact you. I've never had an international package get lost though!


Once I order, how long do I have to wait to get my eyes?

At DollBakery, I make your eyes to order. This means that you place your order, and then I begin to create your eyes. I estimate an approximate time of 30 - 60 days to create your eyes. Normally, it's about 30 days -- it's unusual for it to take as long as 60, but it does happen occasionally.

You're welcome to contact me at any time to ask about the status of your order. If you feel your order is taking too long, you always have the option to cancel your order for a full refund, change colors, etc. 


Okay, so how do I make sure I get included in the next order period??

The best way to keep updated on the order period is to subscribe to the newsletter. I'll send out notices informing you of the date and time of any upcoming order periods. 


DollBakery is based in Idaho, USA.

Unfortunately I'm legally obligated to add a 6% sales tax to any orders shipped to Idaho. Sorry about that, fellow Idahoans!


I hope this helped. If you need anything else, please contact me!