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under construction - almost back!
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What You Need To Know

...about the April 2015 Order Period!

Welcome to the April 2015 OP, and thank you for your interest in DollBakery eyes!

Orders will open at:

  • (Halloween) Friday the 31st at 12:00 PM PST (mid-day noon)

Click here to learn the current time in PST (PDT). 

Special notes for this OP:

New colors are here!

Pupils in Jelly eyes are now available.

The color Absinthe had to be discontinued due to technical problems with that formula, and will no longer be available.

    About Production:

    During the Winter 2014 OP (Order Period), we had some significant delays on some of the orders due to winter weather. 
    With spring on the way, and some changes I've made to the materials that I use, I hope that weather won't be much of a problem this time around!
    During the last OP (Order Period), I was able to produce about 70% of the orders in the first 40 days, and the remaining 30% within 60 days. I expect a similar time frame for this OP.
    I work on eyes 7 days a week and I don't get to relax until every last eye is made! ;D I'm working very hard to get your orders out ASAP.
    Feel free to email me at any time and ask for your order status. If you end up waiting longer than you want, I'm happy to give you a refund.
    Production of eyes for the Winter OP begins on April. So if you made a mistake in ordering the wrong color or size, please contact me about changing it ASAP.

    About Order Fulfillment:

    Generally, orders are filled in a first come, first serve basis. My shipment order for the last OP ended up being more random than usual though. This time, I'm sticking to a bit more of a rigid order. So people who order earliest will get their shipments earliest.

    Sometimes when making orders, I make a mistake and have to start over on your eyes. Eyes are all handmade, so there's lots of chances for human error. Obviously I try my best not to make mistakes, but it happens sometimes! And when it does, I'd rather start over and make something new and better, than ship you an eye with a mistake in it. If your order takes longer to ship than expected, this is probably why.


    You'll receive an automatic notice when your eyes ship.

      As always, please contact me if you have any questions!