Mystery Grab Bag! (last 3!)
Mystery Grab Bag! (last 3!)
Mystery Grab Bag! (last 3!)
Mystery Grab Bag! (last 3!)
Mystery Grab Bag! (last 3!)
Mystery Grab Bag! (last 3!)

Mystery Grab Bag! (last 3!)

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Do you want to just open a big bag of eyes and be surprised with what interesting colors you find inside? Then pick up a mystery bag! :D

Inside each bag is an assortment of single, un-paired eyes in random colors. 

These mystery grab bags are great for anyone who wants to experiment with a lot of different looks for their doll, at a low cost!!


You do not get to choose what colors you receive; they will be sent at random. However, because the single eyes are bundled together, you get an amazing discount:

  • Mini mystery bag: 6 single eyes, $99 (normal price: approx $170)
  • Medium mystery bag: 12 single eyes, $150 (normal price: approx $340). Recommended.
  • Colossal mystery bag: 33 single eyes! (equivalent to over 16 pairs of eyes!) $300 (normal price: approx $940!!!)



(please read before purchasing)

Where do these mystery eyes come from? Well, they are mostly "orphan" eyes with no existing matching twin. That might be because the eye's original mate had technical or cosmetic issues that made it impossible to sell.

Some colors in the mystery bag are discontinued colors, rare colors, unusual variants, or experimental one-time colors. And some are just normal, standard colors, too.

- Inside every mystery bag, there are multiple sealed packets containing 3 total single eyes. Each packet usually has a "theme" -- it might be "brightly colored eyes" or "pastel colored eyes" or just "colors that look pretty together." Sometimes the theme is obvious, sometimes it's more elusive, but the 3 eyes inside the themed packets do generally look very pretty together! You get multiple themed packets per mystery bag.

- In Medium and larger Mystery Bags, I do my best to include an even amount of all colors: some warm colors and some cool colors; some blues, greens, and browns, some darks, brights, some neutrals, and also some special/unique eyes. Although colors are never guaranteed, I do try my best.
It's more difficult for the smaller Mini Mystery Bags: because they only contain 6 eyes, it is difficult to cover the full spectrum of colors. So some color groups may be missing from your Mini Bag. It's quite possible that you won't get a single blue eye, for example! Please understand this if you buy a Mini Mystery Bag!

- there will be some eyes with very small cosmetic imperfections, such as dust specks or bubbles. If you do not want that, please do not buy this product. Eyes with imperfections will always be limited in quantity per bag -- so at maximum you'll only get a few, or none at all.

- The majority of eyes will be "normal" eyes with a black pupil and white sclera. However, you may also find a few jelly eyes without a pupil, eyes with a colored pupil or sclera, or eyes with crystals or fancy decorations inside them. 

- Sometimes there may be a bonus in your bag ;)

- Comes with a cool small holographic pouch that you can re-use for other things! =)

 - Sorry, we cannot accept returns on this product for any reason!

NOTE: You will not get a complete pair of eyes! Every single individual eye in the mystery bag is a different color! So if you want two matching eyes, please do not buy this.