DollBakery Urethane BJD eyes -   Silver - 1
DollBakery Urethane BJD eyes -   Silver - 2
DollBakery Urethane BJD eyes -   Silver - 1
DollBakery Urethane BJD eyes -   Silver - 2
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Silver is a metallized color. It is a true metallic and, like Copper, it tends to flash and reflect light much better than other colors. If you have a doll that needs grey eyes and are looking for something interesting, Silver can also work great as "grey eyes with a twist."

The eye shown is 16mm.

Size Guide

You can find a size chart in the FAQ.

What is SI, LD, and SI LD? 

Some dolls have fitting problems with standard eye sizes. Low dome and small iris eyes were introduced to help dolls with those problems. 

  • SI = small iris (The iris is the colored part of the eye.)
  • LD = low dome
  • SI LD = small iris AND low dome.

Low dome is good if standard domes give your doll gapping issues. (Especially common with "dreaming" (eyes half-closed) sculpts, and some sculpts with non-standard eyewells)

Small irises can give your doll a more realistic, mature, or serious look; stick with standard irises if you want the classic "doll eyed" or soufull look.

See more information about sizing in the FAQ.

How To Buy

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Color Warning

Because every eye is handmade, every eye is unique. Although we go to great lengths to ensure that these photos accurately reflect colors, the eyes you receive can and probably will look different from the example photos. Please understand this when purchasing.
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