Orders closing soon!

order period

We've completely shattered previous DollBakery sales records! Thus, I was able to purchase some additional expensive equipment, which will allow me to make more batches of eyes at a time. WOOHOO! Thanks everyone!!

In celebration of the new equipment, I've left orders open until now, so there is still a chance to squeeze in if you want :)

I love to leave orders open whenever I can, because it allows people in various timezones all around the world to order at a normal time for them.

BUT, I'm almost at the limit of what I can accept -- even considering the incoming new equipment -- so orders will close soon. If you want to join, please do so now.

As usual I am behind on emails and messages at this time ^^; But please be assured I will reply to you as soon as I can. Thank you!

PS. I usually get a lot of questions like "I ordered the wrong size, can I change it now?" The answer is always yes! :D Just email me and let me know what modifications you wish to make.

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