DollBakery Hiatus Roadmap

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This is a basic roadmap for what's going to be going on during the hiatus. For further context, please see the last post!


  1. Starting immediately: Settling any problems that may exist. For anyone with outstanding issues, they will be solved now.
  1. Fixing structural issues with the business, finally getting the work studio set up and organized, maybe even bringing in someone to help me

2B. During this phase, I will also slowly begin contacting people who are still on the waitlist and taking their orders 1 to 2 at a time. So it will be very very slow, but it will happen! (and people who are no longer interested are free to cancel of course)

  1. Online stuff: rebuilding the website, social media, digital content that needs updating, the eye colors that need updated photography, etc
  1. Finally I will focus on growth-oriented stuff, like adding new eye colors and product types! (have you noticed there haven't been any new colors for a while? yes, now you know why.)

During the hiatus, you'll probably see parts of the website go dark or stop working temporarily. Please don't be alarmed, we'll be back :)

 All of this will be elaborated in more detail as it comes!

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