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Resin Rose BJD Expo + Email update

email update resin rose bjd expo

DollBakery will have a large table at the Resin Rose BJD Expo! I hope you'll stop by this weekend and find the perfect pair of eyes for your doll :D Email update: I gave up hope on the old email and I'm just migrating to a new (paid) account with Google Apps For Work. Unfortunately I was not able to get it fully set up before I had to leave town. But I promise I will get back to everyone's emails at the new address once I am home. I know several of you are waiting and probably wondering why I stopped replying!...

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Bad email situation

email update

I just discovered that lots of emails sent to DollBakery were getting flagged and trashed before I could see them, and it looks like this has been going on for a bit of time -- some of the flagged emails were from a while ago D: Currently working on a fix, and your emails will be replied to soon!

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