Friday Night Eyes, week 6 + monthly eyes news + order period news too!

friday night eyes monthly eyes

Tonight's additions!

10mm: Moss

12mm: Emerald, Unicorn

12mm-SI-LD: February '16 with soft brown pupil

14mm: Storm

16mm: Espresso, Strawberry, Sublime, Taupe*, February '16 with soft brown pupil

18mm: Rose Quartz, 18mm Espresso with a random copper burst in the center**, February '16 with soft brown pupil

!! ALL IN STOCK EYES WILL SHIP EARLY NEXT WEEK, after the holiday weekend.

*One of the taupe eyes accidentally got a tiny amount of light copper-colored paint sealed into the BACK of the eye, next to the stem area. But you absolutely will never see this unless you're staring at the inside of your doll's head. :P I just wanted to explain it in case anyone wonders.

**I totally love how these turned out and will definitely be making this color in more sizes, and possibly turning it into an official color!

Eyes of the Month news:

Next Friday falls on April 1st. But the April Eyes of the Month won't be ready for release yet at that time. So there will still be one more week of the February eyes before we switch over to April-May. :]

 March Order Period news:

Sorry I've been quiet with news about the last OP! I've been working very hard on everyone's eyes!  For those of you with Magic Robot Fingers who got their orders in literally within the first few seconds (seriously, how do you guys do that? o.o), some of your orders will be shipping next week. I'll have a more interesting and comprehensive news update soon.

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