Summer 2014: Open for orders... NOW!

DollBakery is opening for orders in about half an hour... very exciting! You may notice products in stock already, but that's just me running some tests... please don't try to order anything until 3:30 PM PST. 

I'm pretty pleased with how many colors we ended up with! I wasn't counting, but I thought to myself "it would be great if I could add 50 colors... but that's probably not a realistic goal, so I'll aim for about 30." Well, I wasn't counting, but today when I did, I realized we have nearly 60 colors!! I'm really loving some of the new colors, and hope you guys do, too.

So here's to a fantastic order period where everyone is able to order what they want, and the site doesn't crash, lol!

Thanks for your support everyone <3

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