Hey guys, sorry for the long silence. I am still working on your orders every single day. Orders are just shipping out slower than usual right now due to horrible weather on my end.

I will ship maybe 2-3 orders right before Christmas, and another 2-3 before the new year, but the majority of orders will be shipping in early January.

Apologies for the delays, & thank you for your patience!


More info: As you may have heard before elsewhere in this hobby, humidity causes bubbles in urethane resin, so some (but thankfully not all!) aspects of urethane eye production need to be put on hold while it's raining.

Well, it's been raining every day for what feels like a month.

As soon as the sun breaks through the drizzle for 5 minutes, I immediately race to do as much as possible! But there's still quite a large backlog right now.

Check this out: I actually have bins laying around filled with eyes just waiting for the weather to become less humid so that I can finish them.

Eyes in bins, just sitting and waiting for the humidity to go down!

I have a few more bins that you don't see in this pic! When the weather is good, I'll be able to finish and ship these eyes within mere days.

Drawer full of the finished eyes awaiting shipment.

So, pray for sunshine with me, everyone! Meanwhile, thanks for being patient with my Pacific Northwest winters! 

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