The BIG! In-Stock Sale

DollBakery Urethane Eyes - Big In Stock Sale

It starts today! October, Monday the 26th, at 11:30 AM PDT.

The sale will last for 1 week, or until everything is sold out. 

There are some eyes I wasn't able to add in time, so during this week, I will continue to add more eyes. You'll see new eyes continue to pop up throughout the next few days.

Putting an item in the cart does NOT reserve it.
Until you've completed checkout 100%, someone else might buy it. Even if they're 5 seconds faster than you, if they checkout first, then they get it. I apologize in advance if you miss out on some eyes! :c

If you're getting an error during checkout, it almost certainly means that someone checked out out before you.  

Any color/size that I notice sells out super fast today, I will try to make it again and offer it in another in-stock sale soon! Or feel free to email me an drop a request to make more of that color/size!

Please have your paypal login or credit card ready. Sometimes forgetting your Paypal login can cost you several minutes during checkout!

Order of Shipments
These eyes are all in stock, so they will ship immediately. But preparing your order for shipment (packing, weighing, printing your address labels, customs forms for international orders, etc.) can be time consuming, and there's a limit to how many orders I can pack in one day. Therefore, there MAY be a several day lag before your order hits the postal office. Orders will be shipped first come first serve. (earliest people to order will get their orders shipped first)

I will combine multiple orders into one shipment, unless your first order already shipped.

If you WANT your order to ship last (for example, if you want more time to consider if you're going to buy a second pair of eyes, etc.), then leave me a comment in the comments section like this:

"Please ship my order last" -- I will wait 1-2 days before shipping your order. 
"Please hold my order until I tell you to ship it" -- I will NOT ship your order at all until you give me the command.

"I plan to order some Monthly Eyes. When will they be released? Can you combine orders?"

The November 2015 Monthly eyes will be released in early November, in 1 to 2 weeks. They will be released in every size. So if you already know you want some, and you want to combine your orders, please leave me a comment like  "Hold my order for monthly eyes" -- then I won't ship your first order until I receive your monthly eyes order in 1-2 weeks.

At DollBakery, you can use credit cards and Paypal. Layaway is possible. You need to contact me (

Why do the prices end with $.77?
It's just an internal designation to help differentiate in-stock eyes from eyes that have to be preordered. :3

When is the next OP?
The next major OP will be in 2016.

Thank you! :D!

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