Eyes Of The Month: November 2015

November's EOTM will be available soon! Here's some common questions I'm getting so far:

What will they cost? The same price as normal eyes. Monthly eyes do not cost extra. 

What sizes can I buy? Monthly colors will always be available available in every size that DollBakery offers, including the new low dome and small iris 12mm eyes.

However, a limited number of each size will be made, so be sure to get your preferred size before it sells out.

I do make a higher quantity of the more popular sizes. (example: 14mm is more popular than 20mm, so I make more 14mms.)

If the November 2015 eyes sell out, will they ever be restocked?
All of the November 2015 eyes have been started, but not all of them have been finished. I will continue to finish up eyes throughout the month of November, and put them for sale once they're finished. 

So if the eyes sell out in 5 seconds, don't worry, there will be more later in November. =)

But near the middle of November, all eyes will be finished. Once all eyes have been finished, and all finished eyes have been sold, they are out of stock permanently and will not be back.

So basically: if it sells out in the beginning of November, don't worry, it will probably be back! If it sells out near the end of the month, sorry, it's gone forever.

Not all sizes will be available during the immediate launch. 10mm is kind of late, so it probably won't appear for an extra week or two. Sorry for the delay. :C

Most monthly eyes will have special variants. This can be something like extra glitter, or a special pupil. Variants are usually born when I get tired of making the same color over and over XD (trust me... it happens)

Monthly eyes won't have a "special name." The name is just the month and year. So this month's eyes are simply called "November 2015." :]


SOON! At this point, I'm only waiting for the sun to come out for a few hours so that I can take some better product photos. (indoor lighting only = terrible photos)

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