Friday Night Eyes, week 4!

friday night eyes

Here's what's in stock tonight!


  • 10mm-SI* Silver Fox


  • Cobalt
  • 12mm SI - LD* February 2016 - Brown Pupil Variant
  • 12mm SI - LD Unicorn


  • Everest Green
  • Angelic Green
  • Cobalt
  • Pancakes
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Perfect Teal
  • Cobalt
  • Storm
  • February 2016 - Brown Pupil
  • February 2016 - Standard Black Pupil


  • Everest Green
  • Chocolate
  • Rainbow
  • Violet


  • Cool
  • February 2016 - Gold Pupil

Bold = just added.

* SI = small iris and LD = low dome. SI-LD is both small iris and low dome together in one eye. Please do not purchase these eyes unless you have an understanding of these terms! Also please note that normal iris, normal dome eyes are shown as examples in all photos.


Please note, it's not currently possible to see what size is in stock without clicking on each product and checking to see if you can add to cart.

I know that is a bit weird/annoying. I'll work on a better solution.

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