Friday (Emerald!) Eyes

friday night eyes

A big batch of Emerald eyes is now available! + some others...

Emerald: 20mm, 16mm, 14mm, 14mm SI (small iris), 12mm SI (small iris)

Pumpkin: 12mm and 16mm

Storm: 14mm SI (small iris)

SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to winter roads, there may be a 1-3 business day delay on your shipment leaving DollBakery. I live in the mountains and sometimes I have to wait until the roads improve before I can drive down to the post office. :)

These days I'm preparing a couple new colors to release at the upcoming order period. (Spoiler: Of these, one of my favorite new colors so far is a really stunning purple... I can't wait to reveal it :D )

But I'm also trying to make surplus eyes to take with me to BJD conventions and expos this year. I usually feel I didn't bring enough with me :/ and last year I even sold out of most of my sizes! So this year I will be focusing on bringing MORE eyes with me!

DollBakery is returning to the Resin Rose BJD Expo (in the Portland, OR area) this year, with more possible events to be announced.

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