Friday Night Eyes! 3/10/17 (edit: use this link)

friday night eyes

There are about 10 pairs of eyes to add to stock tonight! They will be posted sometime after 7 pm PST. This post will be updated later.

* UPDATE: so here's an update. I started a fairly intense online class that happens every Friday night for the rest of spring. Because of this, the Friday Night Eyes schedule might be a little different for the next few weeks. I'm not completely sure how it will be yet, but I will keep you updated! 

Anyway, these are the eyes added tonight: (It is a good night if you like purple, blue, or both together! ^^)

Electric Purple: 12mm, 14mm SI, 16mm, 18mm

Azure: 14mm, 18mm

Nightbloom: 16mm

Nova: 16mm, 2 PAIRS

In Stock Link

Please note that the "In Stock" checkbox on the right side navigation is currently broken.

Until it is fixed, you can use this link to see what's in stock:

Sorry about that. I'm waiting on tech support to fix this.

Other notes: There will also be a lotto update soon!

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