Introducing: DollBakery Waitlist! [minor update on top]

[minor update: The waitlist opening is now happening on WEDNESDAY, 1 day later. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, I added a new product: the Mystery Grab Bag! These are quite limited, but the first few will be available around the same time as the waitlist opening.]

At DollBakery, we are about to try out a new system for preorders!

With the new waitlist system, you can register your interest in as many eyes as you like. Your place will be held until the eyes are ready to enter production. Your credit card/Paypal will not be charged until your order is underway.

And this new waitlist system should (in theory) allow orders to be produced more efficiently, and ship faster, because I can group/batch colors and sizes together in the way that is most efficient. 

The waitlist system is in beta until the end of 2017. The waitlist will, for now, be handled by Google Docs.

If you have never used Google Docs, it is simply a safe free form system run by Google. It does not collect credit card data or other important info. It only registers your name, and what color/size you want to buy. That's it. :)

There might be some oddities or bugs at first. But hopefully, this new system works out, and then we can streamline and integrate it better into the main website later.



This is how it will work:
1A. Sign up for the Newsletter (the form is found on the bottom of most pages) if you want to know when the waiting list goes active.
1B. Then I will email you when the waitlist opens!

2. After the waitlist is open, I'll post and email the link to the live Google Doc form.
There, you will input: your name, your email, and the color+size eyes you want. That's it! (for now)

3. When it's time for your order to go into production, you will be contacted and provided a checkout link. (That's when you can send your payment and shipping info)

4. If you don't want the eyes anymore, or you wish to change your order, this is always possible. (in other words, if you sign up for the wait list, you're not obligated to complete the order... but please only register on the waitlist if you are serious about purchasing!!)

You can preview the waitlist below... Before you click, please read:

THE WAITLIST IS IN BETA. You can enter your details and even press "submit" to test how it will work. But, any DATA YOU SEND NOW WILL NOT BE SAVED!! If you understand that, then click.

If you notice any bugs, errors, or problems, please send me an email so I can fix it! :)


The waitlist opens for real on October, Tuesday the 17th. Exact time to be announced.

It will be kept open for as long as possible -- then it will be closed after 50 to 75 pairs of eyes are on the waitlist. This may take one hour, a day, or more -- we're not sure yet!

After we reach between 50 and 75, the waitlist will close for a while. The first group of people will be selected, contacted, and then sent a link to complete their checkout. 

After their orders are shipped or close to being shipped, the next group will be contacted.

This will continue until everything is shipped!

I hope it will be go smoothly and efficiently! See you then!


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