DollBakery is hiring!


The unending problems with my old email address drove me to find a new soloution. It took a few weeks to migrate to the new address, but now it's finally ready. If you wrote to me somewhat recently and didn't receive a reply, please email me again at the new address:

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DollBakery is hiring!

I really need some help with DollBakery. Even without tech issues, I can be slow with email and social media replies. Honestly, it's because I always have to make the choice between "do I spend 2 hours making urethane eyes, or do I spend 2 hours answering emails?" When I have that choice, I usually spend it making doll eyes! But then customers don't always get the speedy replies that they deserve.

That's where you might be able to help!


Personal assistant wanted - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

DollBakery is seeking a part time assistant to help out with customer service, keeping customers updated, and light physical tasks.

Hours will begin small and flexible, but this position can certainly grow with you if you're willing to learn new things and take on new roles.

Some examples of starter tasks include:

  • responding to customer emails
  • monitor social media for questions, and respond to social media comments (Instagram and more)
  • posting updates to this website (code knowledge usually not required)
  • inventory management - organizing, sorting, and labeling different types of products
  • packing and shipping boxes, sometimes making post office runs
  • sorting doll eyes -- visually inspect and compare eyes to eliminate any eyes with flaws
  • light research/business-related comparison shopping (for example: obtain and compare quotes from the top 5 companies on lowest shipping box prices)
  • light duty cleaning, such as sweeping, dusting, window cleaning, etc. in the work area
  • photographing eyes (I'll teach you to use a DSLR) and posting photos online



  • Customer service experience
  • Email proficiency
  • Fast typer
  • Clean and organized 
  • English language fluency
  • Bright, Friendly, Energetic, Initiative-taker
  • A "good eye," meaning you are creative/artistic, able to make aesthetic judgements
  • General computer and tech competency, and the ability to learn new apps and programs.

Highly valued program/app experience*: Shopify, Instagram, Microsoft Excel and Word, Mailchimp, Paypal, Photoshop, Lightroom, Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook

Highly valued skills*: social media marketing, writing copy, graphics design, phototography and videography, web design 

* = You don't absolutely need these skills to apply or get started working, but they're a huge bonus going forward.

People with unusual schedules can probably be accommodated, and are welcome to apply. Busy students at NIC (DollBakery is about a 10 minute drive from NIC), U of Idaho, etc. are welcome to apply. People who think they'd only be able to work during the summer are welcome to apply. You must have your own reliable transportation.

After some months, there's a good chance you can do many tasks from your own home. For example, after you build the reputation of working smart and fast to reply to customer emails, you can begin to reply from your laptop at home, and not have to come into the office every day. 

Please don't apply if: you have severe resin allergies or cat allergies/phobias


 Virtual assistant wanted - Work from anywhere

If you have virtual assistant experience and think that you could still help DollBakery with the digital tasks listed above, but you don't live in Coeur d'Alene, we may still be able to work together. Please contact me and let me know what you can do and how you think you can help.

Past experience with customer service and remote personal assistance is required.

This would be a work-from-anywhere job. Applicants from any international country, such as the Philippines, etc. are welcome, as long as your English is fluent.


If you want to talk about part time employment, feel free to email me at the NEW address: 

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