Friday the 13th! - Friday Night Eyes

friday night eyes jobs

There's a few rare and unusual eye colors tonight, including some 14mm low dome eyes.

12mm Black Denim (this color has more grey and less blue in it than what the pictures show; this color generally does tend to have variations like that pretty frequently.)

14mm LD Aqua

14mm LD Indigo Iridescent Jelly (2 pairs available)

16mm Absinthe #2, limited color

16mm "milky lilac", unique color


DollBakery is still hiring!

I've received some impressive applicants for the remote position, but would still really love to see an application from a local -- if anyone near Coeur d'Alene just happens to be reading this, by destiny's chance! 

Everyone is still welcome to apply. There's no time limit or restrictions. I'm not very experienced with hiring people, so this whole process might take longer than it would if I was some corporation or something, lol. :]


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