friday night eyes

Last night while I was sleeping, DollBakery received its 600th order since opening! Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for allowing me to do this and make doll eyes for a full time job. Coolest, weirdest job ever!

Except the part where people ask me "so what do you do?" is kind of rough. I'm still struggling with how to answer that. These days I just tell people I'm an artist and hope they don't ask for more details. On my taxes, I had to list myself as a "Toy Manufacturer" ... major lol. 

The 600th order was for some in-stock eyes, 20mm Rainbow.

I would have celebrated the 500th order instead, but we mowed straight through it during the last order period =)

Maybe I can reach 1000 orders by the end of 2016... hm, that might be a bit audacious!


FNE ~ Friday Night Eyes added to the In Stock section:

18mm Soft Rabbit Grey

16mm Pacific

14mm Ominous - very intense colors in this one!!



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