First Friday of June

friday night eyes

Check out the In Stock section to see tonight's eyes:

18mm Soft Rabbit Grey

16mm Rootbeer

12mm Pacific (16mm also available)

and 10mm Moss.

Possible Temp. Suspension Notice:

So I just realized that I'm running perilously low on the raw materials that I use to make boxes. It would take several weeks to get more materials. Due to that delay, I need to be absolutely sure that I have enough box materials for all the March order period eyes that are going to be shipping this month.

Therefore, Friday Night Eyes might have to be scaled back or suspended until I can get the box supplies. 

But I'm not sure yet.

More details will come later. For now, I just wanted to give you an advanced warning, just in case next week's FNE has to be cancelled! :(

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