BACK FROM SUMMER HIATUS! Friday Night Eyes returns!

friday night eyes

You might have noticed we had a lengthy, unannounced summer hiatus. But DollBakery is back now, and there's good news!

- Friday Night Eyes will return this upcoming Friday, and continue every Friday for the rest of this year (potentially excluding some Holiday weeks -- holiday schedule is not solid yet). Also before the end of 2016:

- New colors are now in production, and will be announced soon!

- A preorder event is coming later this year!

-Other than the Friday Night Eyes releases, there will probably be another large sale of eyes at some point... I'm working on something cool... details will materialize later.

Oh, and about MONTHLY EYES... yeah... that got hopelessly off track, despite my efforts otherwise.

We won't be returning to the "normal" monthly eyes program yet, but I do have things planned for the future. Updates will be coming more frequently again now, so please check back soon. :)

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