12/16/16 Final 2016 Friday Night Eyes! (+pics inside)

friday night eyes

(updating now...)

**Due to winter icy and snowy road conditions, there may be an additional 1-2 days added before your item ships~ thank you for understanding!**


16mm Black Denim

16mm Pancakes

16mm Pacific

16mm Emerald

16mm "odd" Pancakes


12mm Perfect Teal

12mm Fascinating Jelly

12mm LD:

12mm LD Sweet Lilac

12mm SI LD:

12mm SI LD Pancakes

10mm SI:

10mm SI Moss

10mm SI Minnow Green


+ 14mm Denim added to Year End Clearance.



Lack of 14mm eyes? You may have noticed there aren't a lot of 14mm eyes recently... that's because there were some technical difficulties with this particular size, and it slowed down production for 14mm significantly. By 2017, 14mm eyes will once again be featured in most updates! c:

This will be the final FNE of 2016! There will be no Friday Night Eyes on the 23rd and the 30th. I will still be making eyes during "winter break" though, so I'll probably post a few for sale in the next few weeks. But, they will just be posted at random times, not on any kind of specific schedule. 

So basically, this is the last major update of 2017! I hope you have a wonderful and lovely holiday season, winter break, family time, and new year, and I'll see you soon in 2017!!

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