12/9/16 - Friday Update + Holiday Schedule + Stock roundup

friday night eyes order period

Tonight's additions:

14mm SI Candy Apple

18mm Pumpkin

12mm Icy Lilac

12mm + 16mm Denim  (Compared to the generic sample photo, I would classify the eyes from this batch as being on the less saturated (less blue) end of the spectrum, being a more muted and natural color -- but it's not significantly noticeable!)

Also added some 14mm SI LD Icy Lilac eyes to the year end clearance page. These eyes were *almost perfect* and passed inspection at first, but then I discovered a tiny bit of dust in one of the eyes at the last moment! D:<


Round up of what else is in stock:

18mm Copper, 18mm Candy Apple, 16mm Hot Pink, 14mm SI Hot Pink (You have to select Dome: Normal, then Iris: Small-- yes, it's kind of hidden), 18mm Pacific, 20mm Rose Quartz, and 20mm Unicorn. Also a couple Year End Clearance eyes and a couple Jelly eyes.


Some people have asked when the next order period (OP) will be. To those that asked, I told them that I was planning to squeeze in one more major order period before the end of 2016.

However, the more I thought about that, the more I realized it's just a dumb time for a major order period. Everyone is busy, and money is tight! So instead, the next OP will be early in 2017, after everyone has recovered from the holiday season. :)

I really don't like thinking about the fact that there was only one major order period in 2016 -- and so I was hoping to make it two! But, like I said... it's just a really dumb time for it. So instead of squeezing last minute stuff into 2016, which has been a weird year as far as I'm concerned, I will instead focus on making 2017 the best it can be!!

There will still be more DollBakery news in 2016 though, so this isn't the last news you'll be hearing this year! :D More specific details will be forthcoming as the 2016/2017 schedule materializes. 

Hope everyone is having a majestic holiday season so far ^____^

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