I look crazy sometimes (+Friday Night Eyes)

friday night eyes

If you bought eyes during the recent event, thank you for making the Small Business Sale a giant success! I have to say that I spent about $400 to buy everyone postage during that free shipping promotion! (Totally worth it!) I want to do it again next year, except with more eyes.

Sometimes I look crazy because I keep saying "more eyes are coming!" or "just added more stuff to the site!" but then the eyes I added sell out and dissappear so quickly, it looks like I'm not actually adding anything. You can see some of the unique eyes that sold during the event here (all the ones near the top of the page), but that only shows unique/special eyes that had to be given their own seperate listings (because there was something different about the color).

For 2017, I'm working on improvements to the site that make it easier to shop at DollBakery, and quickly filter by size or type, etc. -- in addition to other improvements and fixes that the site needs.

As for Friday Night Eyes, just a small update tonight: added 10mm and 16mm Copper, 12mm LD Black Denim, and 14mm SI Hot Pink.

(As always, SI means small iris, and LD means low dome.) 

I am pretty behind this week because I spent 2 solid days packing orders and running to the post office, but there will be more in stock eyes to choose from by next Friday. Enjoy your weekend! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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