SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Drawer cleaning event. It starts now! (+Cyber Monday)

DollBakery is celebrating Small Business Saturday 2016 with free shipping and some cool new eyes added to the site!

Use this coupon code to get free shipping: SATURDAY

New eyes will be added continuously throughout the weekend. So even if you don't see what you want now, please keep checking back to find new eyes added :D

This weekend, I'm sorting and organizing a large group of eyes that I had set aside in my padded storage drawers. It takes a lot of time to go over each eye, inspect it for flaws, try to find a matching eye for it, and in some cases(if it's a OOAK/rare/unique eye), photograph it. I'll simply be adding eyes to the site after I've finished inspecting and pairing them. So, stock might be added to the site at random or sporadic times of the day.

There will be some rare/unique colors added, and there may be some clearance/discount eyes too.

(And possibly Tuesday, if I can't get everything packed on Monday)
Therefore, you can make multiple orders over the weekend, and they will all be combined into one shipment and given free shipping on Monday-Tuesday. ^^

What's been added so far (will update occasionally:
10mm Candy Apple Red, 
12mm Hot Pink,
18mm Pacific,
18mm Storm,
20mm Copper,
12mm and 14mm Perfect Teal,
12mm Minnow Green (darker edition),
12mm SI LD Black Denim,
14mm Bronze,
14mm and 18mm Fascinating Jelly,
12mm SI LD Azure,
16mm Taupe,
14mm Silver Fox (no glitter),
18 and 20mm Wisteria Jelly,
12mm SI LD Frozen with soft brown pupil,
Year End Clearance eyes,
16mm Galaxy Black + holo glitter,
12mm Storm,
12mm Pancakes,
18mm Rosemary,  
12mm Smores,
14mm Copper SI,
14mm Moss (two types),
12mm Jungle Green special (two types),
20mm Cool,
12mm LD Copper Patina rare,
20mm Everest Green
12mm SI Bronze
12mm November 2015 - Swarovski Variant
12mm SI LD Teddy Bear lighter
12mm Sweet Lilac light/pale
20mm Rose Quartz
18mm "stained" Minnow Green

14mm Tie Dye
18mm Copper
16mm Sky
+ added more eyes to the clearance page
14mm Rose Quartz pale

12mm Storm
14mm Too-Gold February 2016 [Unique]
10mm SI Bright Gold
12mm Perfect Teal
12mm Moss

...(more soon)

^ The eyes on the bottom of this list were added most recently and have the best chance of still being in stock. The eyes at the top of the listing are mostly sold out now.

Also added more photos to the Hot Pink color.

11/28/16 Cyber Monday UPDATE: Eyes are still being added and the SATURDAY code will still work to give you free shipping! :)

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