Friday Night Eyes! 11/18/16 Update!

These eyes are being added to stock tonight:


  • 10mm Sky
  • 12mm Soft Rabbit *
  • 14mm Frozen
  • 14mm Perfect Teal
  • 16mm Hot Pink
  • 16mm Cinnamon Crumpet
  • 18mm Pacific
  • 20mm Unicorn

* -- this particular pair is on the darker end of the Soft Rabbit scale, and is probably a little darker than what the example photos show, in my opinion. 



  • 12mm SI Copper
  • 14mm SI Emerald


  • 12mm SI LD Sky
  • 12mm SI LD Teddy Bear *
  • 12mm SI LD Unicorn

* -- These Teddy Bear eyes are slightly lighter than what the example product photos show.

You might have noticed that there were no new eyes added to stock last week. The official reason was that it was Veteran's Day (a USA holiday) on Friday when stock is normally updated, but the actual real reason is that I had family visitors unexpectedly show up. :p When family turns up for a visit, I feel really bad just ignoring them to work on DollBakery stuff, so DollBakery gets ignored instead. And I end up behind schedule. :( I DO still have more of the new Pumpkin eyes coming in more sizes! Sorry for the delay! More eye colors coming next week -- have a great weekend! :)

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