Slight Change Of Plans - November Eyes "Mini Preorder"

monthly eyes

This evening, the final batch of the November Eyes will go on sale. But, I wasn't able to finish all the November eyes before the end of November. So the eyes that go on sale this evening will include eyes that are not yet finished -- but will be finished soon.

  • When you buy unfinished eyes, you'll have to wait a few days for them to be finished. Then they will ship to you automatically as soon as they're finished.
  • Why? Because if I only put a tiny amount of eyes up for sale, we have problems with 2-3 people trying to buy the same single pair of eyes at once. This is very frustrating, as you try to checkout with the eyes you want, only to be told that someone just bought them 5 seconds ago!** When I include eyes that aren't finished yet in the sale, it increases your chances of successfully being able to check out without conflict. :)
  • Also, I don't want the sale of November eyes to stretch into December. That's another reason why I'm selling them all today, at the end of November.
  • I'm calling this a "Mini Preorder" ... because you're pre-ordering eyes that haven't been finished yet, but they're already mostly finished. So your waiting time is much shorter than a normal pre order.
  • To be clear, every pair of November eyes that will ever exist has already been started. (Meaning, I can't make new ones for you anymore, sorry, please don't ask>_<). It's just that not all of them got finished in time for the end of November.


**If you're a very long time customer, you may remember the "good old days" when the old website would crash at every preorder due to the sudden rush of visitors. Now THAT was frustrating! While the current website is very reliable, and has never crashed or had any catastrophic problems, it still can't do much about the physical impossibility of 2-3 people trying to buy the same single pair of eyes at once!

What about December eyes? 

Since you read this far, here's a teaser: the December eyes will be green in color. :) The color was inspired by evergreen trees (but don't expect a classic hunter or forest green -- the color is warmer than that). Tonight I'm finishing the 1st pair of December eyes. Soon I will photograph them and upload a teaser photo. 


Lastly, I just want to apologize that the sales for the November eyes have been a little "messy," with stuff coming in late, and the stop-and-go restockings. As I work on refining the monthly eyes program, please know that my goal is to make it as stable, and as easy and convenient as possible. December and January will be smoother.

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