Happy New Year! Updates

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Happy new year from DollBakery!

January Eyes of the Month are coming soon!

You probably noticed that the December eyes never showed up. But you're not missing anything, they are just being released as the January eyes instead.

In Stock Eyes:

There will be a small number available for sale in January.

Unshipped orders:

There are some misc. orders in the system that still need to be shipped. I apologize for the delay, and they will be going out soon.

Weather is not friendly this winter. I have a large pile of 95% finished eyes that are just sitting in a bin, waiting for a break in the weather so that I can finish them the final 5% and ship them!

Next Preorder:

I know everyone is wondering about this! I'm aiming for February (but that might be delayed if the weather doesn't start cooperating!).

New colors: 

Starting soon, the new colors for 2016 will begin to be revealed. Follow @dollbakery on Instagram for sneak peeks. :D

Moving! (personal update)

I'm in the process of moving into my new home. But construction is still wrapping up on the home, and there's lots to do, so I guess you could say this move is more complicated and more extended than a normal move.

This, other than the weather and the holidays, is the other reason that the December monthly eyes had to be delayed.

I've been working on building my new home myself for many years and I'm extremely excited that I can finally move into it in 2016!

I received a couple emails from people wondering why I hadn't updated in so long. I really should have updated with all this news sooner. Sorry to those of you who I worried by not updating for a while!!

See you soon with the January eyes!

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