Friday Night Eyes - New time for new eyes

Starting this week, and hopefully every week, a small to medium sized selection of in-stock eyes will be added to the site on Friday evenings. Check the In Stock area every Friday for new goodies!

Both standard and Rare/OOAK eyes will be added from week to week. Quantities will range from a single pair of eyes per week, to 5 or 10 pairs.

This time, we're kicking it off a little early with a few pairs that I added today:

  • 16mm Violet
  • 18mm Violet
  • More coming, will update here!

DollBakery will be at Resin Rose BJD Expo in Portland, OR this April. I'm currently trying to make a lot of nice eyes to sell at Resin Rose, so the quantities added to the site in the next few weeks might be small until April. But it will increase. :D 

January 2016 sort of became "the lost month" o_O There were a lot of things planned at DollBakery for January 2016, but they just never happened! I'll try to do better in February with a lot of new surprises, including the announcement of a new order period coming pretty soon, and (OF COURSE!) the monthly eyes. 

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