9/22 Update! (+a notice for people who bought eyes directly at Resin Rose!)

It's a good day if you're looking for smaller eyes: we've compiled a nice selection of 12mm and 10mm tonight!

These urethane eyes were all added to stock -- find them in the In Stock section.

  • 10mm Chocolate
  • 10mm Velvety Purple
  • 12mm Denim
  • 12mm Citrus
  • 12mm Frozen
  • 12mm SI Frozen
  • 12mm Emerald
  • 12mm SI Emerald
  • 12mm Perfect Teal
  • 12mm SI Perfect Teal
  • 12mm SI LD Rootbeer Double
  • 12mm SI LD Nova

Next week's Friday Night Eyes: more larger sizes (but maybe still a few smaller eyes too c:)


Notice for people who bought eyes directly at Resin Rose!

There is one person who preordered eyes at Resin Rose who I am having issues contacting. It seems the system didn't save all your info.

If you preordered eyes and haven't received any product or any communication, PLEASE contact me! :)

If you already have your eyes in hand, you can ignore this! This is only for people who don't have their product yet.

If you know a person who doesn't have their eyes yet, or think you know this person, please contact them & give them a heads-up!

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