mini update ~ 9/15 (eyes added)

friday night eyes

Edited to add: the eyes listed below have now all been added to the shop*

Hello friends! We have some big news coming. Unfortunately I am unable to properly update the site right now, but tomorrow on Saturday, you can expect these particular eyes to show up in the shop:

  • 10mm Denim
  • 12mm Cobalt
  • 12mm Violet
  • 12m LD Storm (low dome)
  • 14mm Nightbloom
  • 16mm Azure
  • (I will update this post again soon, after they have been added :)  list may change slightly)

More (unrelated) details coming soon, just wanted to let you know that we are still alive!!


*...except I didn't add the 12mm Violet. I looked again at the "official" photos of the color, and WOW those photos make that color look way colder/bluer than it actually is. I need to redo the official photography. I'll sell this color again later after I have photography that represents it accurately!

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