end of year

USPS is again raising shipping prices on January 1st. :(

Any eyes currently in inventory now, I'd like to ship out before the end of the year, so that neither of us have to pay the increased shipping rates... at least on current inventory!



From now until the end of the year, use the code ENDOFYEAR during checkout to receive 15% off on your order!

This deal will end on December 31st, 2017.

DollBakery is currently doing end of year inventory, organizing loose stock and preparing it to ship out. You will see new eyes show up in the shop every day! So please keep checking back.



Other notes:

- Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong, undesirable, or imperfect about the eyes being clearanced now -- it's just that I would like to begin 2018 with a clear inventory and avoid paying USPS's increased rates where I can. So, this is a great chance to get some perfect eyes at a discount. =)

- Your package may or may not take an 2-3 additional days to ship out, due to winter/holiday scheduling weirdness.

- In 2018, we will return to the normal Friday Night Eyes schedule -- sorry for the weird schedule lately! Thanks for your patience.


Have a wonderful and happy new year!! 
Love, DollBakery


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