WAITLIST CLOSED. Here's how it went! (and why you didn't get an email)


WAITLIST CLOSED! Thank you so much!

I haven't tallied the final eye count yet (it's kind of difficult on Google Forms apparently). I believe we went a bit over capacity (but nothing too severe like what had happened in the past!). But, for the most part, everything seems to have gone very well.

I had to shut down the Advanced Form after 5 minutes, and then I shut down everything after 10 minutes since responses kept rolling in quickly! It went a lot faster than I expected! THANK YOU for your support!!!!

Unfortunately something Bad happened during this operation, and I want to explain it:
So DollBakery's newsletter email list has grown a lot, which is awesome. But apparently, in the service I use, once your subscribers increase beyond a certain amount, they don't allow you to send more than one email per day without "upgrading" to a new package and paying an additional fee every month. ಠ_ಠ

You guys know that I pretty much never email you more than once a day...  Therefore, I made the choice not to upgrade, and not to send to second email -- the email that let people know that the waitlist was actually open.

Since it's closed now, and it closed FAST, I'm sure there will be a few people who missed out on the waitlist because they were waiting for the second email that never came. So, I'm sorry! :( I'm just too cheap to pay hundreds of dollars a for a feature I never use! :\

But I will try to open the waitlist up again soon, and next time, I will let everyone know more in advance. Lessons learned.

Looking forward

Now I will be sorting all the data gathered from the waitlist, and contact people whose orders are ready to go into production. Production order will be based on what is most efficient and allows me to make eyes fastest, NOT on waitlist order.

My goal is to get all these orders out as quickly and efficiently as I can, and if that goes without issues, then I will open up the waitlist again... at least once before the end of the year, I'm planning/hoping. Maybe with more spots available too. I would like to be able to open it every month, or at least every other month... but we will see how it goes.

I did notice several people saying "I don't want to pay until November" or something similar to that, so: if you said that, don't worry, I will skip your name until November :) (unless you contact me to say otherwise).

Mystery Bags

We also sold out of the mystery bags, which tells me that there is a good demand for Mystery Bags! So I will be making more! Thank you!


I am very behind on email right now (seriously... my inbox is probably more full and chaotic than it has ever been o.o) but I will be trying really hard to reply to everyone and get stuff sorted out.

Thank you everyone for an apparently successful waitlist opening! <3 It's only because of your continued support that DollBakery can continue to exist and make eyes!

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