Eyes for a Friday Night in June + Quick Order Update

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Six pairs of eyes were added to the shop tonight! It's a good night for 12mm eyes ^^

  • 12mm Cool
  • 12mm Irish Jelly
  • 12mm LD Silver
  • 12mm LD Storm
  • 14mm Cool
  • 16mm Silver

I'm still working on shipping all your orders for the March order event!!

Currently I have a big drawer full of finished, packed eyes just waiting to be shipped (although most of these eyes are from multi-eye orders, so in other words, they're waiting for the other pair of eye(s) in your order to be finished up before they can ship).

I would say 80% of the remaining orders are 80% ~ 90% finished. There's a smaller number of orders that will take more time than the others due to the colors in those orders being finicky/weird, but even these should go out pretty fast once I'm focusing entirely on them. I'll be shipping a small batch early next week, and continuing to ship batches until they're all out!


small iris eyes

Here's an interesting phone picture from the other day... a customer was wondering what eye colors would work with Bright Gold (center color), so I took some complimentary colors that I had on hand. ^^ I love Black Denim (top) with Bright Gold. I also unexpectedly love Pumpkin (the orange) with Bright Gold!

These urethane eyes pictured are all 12mm SI LD -- small iris, low dome.

Lastly, I bought a hotel room today for the Resin Rose BJD Expo -- so it's official, I'll see you there in August! 

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