Special Eyes and Price Changes

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I made a lot of interesting and special eyes for Doll North/Anime North but, as I mentioned before, I got really sick, so I was not able to attend. :( (I am still recovering from a few broken ribs!)

SO, as time allows, I will add some of the special eyes here instead!

First, tonight, a few standard colors:

  • 14mm Bubbles Jelly
  • 16mm Candy Apple
  • NEW COLOR ALERT! 12mm and 16mm in Champagne Gold, a new Jelly color.

And then some rare pairs:

(ALL LINKS WILL BE ADDED SOON... some on Saturday)

 I have to admit I am selling some of the special eyes because my bill for a clear resin restock came in this month, and it was about $500 more than I anticipated. 😱  Material prices have been going up.

So, I don't like it, but there is going to be a small price increase on DollBakery eyes, simply in order to reflect the increased price of materials.

You will see these new prices showing up over the next few weeks.

The prices are still normal for now, so there's still the chance to buy at the lower price before it's too late :)

The price raise is just to keep up with the increased costs of resin and other materials required to make the eyes. It is not to increase profits or anything like that... I do not make very much of a profit from running DollBakery, and I don't expect that to change. lol 😅


ORDERS WILL SHIP ON MONDAY. As always, if you want to make multiple orders this weekend, use the coupon code COMBINE to combine shipments. (only applicable if you have multiple unshipped orders though.) Have a great weekend! :D

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