New colors are coming! + 2/3/17 Update

friday night eyes order period

Starting now, I'll be gradually adding some all new colors, so please be sure to come back and have a look if you're curious!  Of course, all these new colors will be available in the upcoming order period (opening this February). 

Here's some in stock eyes for tonight:

12mm: Radioactive Jelly, Minnow Green (this pair of Minnow Green looks to be on the lighter/brighter side to me, but still within the acceptable limits!)

12mm SI (SMALL IRIS): Chocolate, Perfect Teal, Galaxy Black

14mm: Radioactive Jelly, Chocolate, Black Denim

16mm: Storm

18mm: Storm, Pancakes, Copper

SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to winter roads, there may be a 1-3 business day delay on your shipment leaving DollBakery. I live in the mountains and sometimes I have to wait until the roads improve before I can drive down to the post office. :)

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