Update, finally!

Yikes, nearly a full month had passed without updates!

Important stuff first:

  • Friday Night Eyes, as you have probably noticed, was not happening. But starting in May, it will be back.
  • WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED to the order event that was supposed to take place in mid April!? It never happened -- it had to be rescheduled. It will be in May instead, and the real date will be announced soon.
  • Shipments for the March orders have now begun!! It will take a few more weeks to get everything out, but if you ordered in the March order, you can expect your shipping notice within a few weeks or less.
  • Unfortunately I think I have to cancel some shows/events that DollBakery was going to be selling eyes at, but nothing is final yet...

So, I (artist at DollBakery, and the updater here) spent the entire month of April being extremely ill.

Weeks ago, when I first felt myself getting sick, I just thought I had a common cold. I thought it would be healed in about a week. 

After about a week, not only was I not getting any better, I was still getting worse every day.

I got strep throat, but I also got some other unknown flu thing that felt like it was killing me with the fever, and the WORST cough. No medicine or remedy could stop it! It was so bad, I actually fractured ribs from uncontrollable coughing. 

I am still recovering from the fractured ribs (I guess it will take a while), the cough, and the strep symptoms... but I'm finally starting to feel okay again, and I spent this entire week catching up on DollBakery work.


So what's the bottom line? Everyone's orders were delayed about 3 weeks while I fought the flu from hell. But other than that/despite that, I'm pretty happy with how smoothly the March eye's production has been. I should only have a few more weeks of production, and then everyone will have their orders in their hands!

I think this was a great amount of orders to accept. If I can continue to run orders of this smaller size at DollBakery (and not get the flu again!), pretty soon we should be able to get into a routine, with orders being open predictably and reliably every few months. So that's my goal right now.

I'm feeling quite optimistic about May, and I've also been working on new colors and designs that I'm excited to show soon.

I do apologize for not dropping an update here sooner. I just wasn't sure what to say -- I really thought I simply had a stubborn cold that would clear up "any day now", with nothing further to report... It was only after about 3 weeks that the strep symptoms showed up, and I realized something more serious was happening.


Anyway, I will continue to work on everyone's orders, and some shipping notices will be going out soon!

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