What to do if your order gets cut off during checkout.

order period

Hello! Orders are opening in a few hours. With spots being more limited than usual this time, it is possible that some orders will get cut off.

Here's what to do if this happens to you:

Basically, orders will be shut down as soon as 35 spots are filled. After the 35 spots are filled, inventory of all products is set to 0.

So if you are still in the middle of checkout when this point is reached, you will see an error that looks somewhat like this:

But don't worry -- partially completed orders that get cut off will actually be SAVED in the system!

These saved orders will enter a "lotto" system.

At random, roughly 10 orders/10 spots will be sent an email and invited back to finish the checkout.

 After receiving this email, you'll be able to click a link resume your checkout. This process is quite easy and fast.

However, the lotto invites themselves may take several hours to be sent out. So if you don't get an email immediately, don't worry. 

Note: Obviously, your checkout has to be complete enough that you've entered some basic info, like your email, and what eyes you want to buy. If the system didn't capture basic info, then it has nothing to save, and I can't contact  you.


Just to be clear: If you get selected by the lotto, you are NOT obligated to complete checkout. It is simply an option that you will have, not an obligation!

Similarly, simply receiving the lotto email does NOT mean that your order has been accepted or finalized -- you'll need to complete checkout first.

Unless you complete checkout fully and receive a confirmation email, no information from you will be saved beyond this point, and no payment will be processed.

Payment will NEVER be taken from you unless you specifically authorize it!


This is the first time trying this new system, so please be forgiving if it seems slightly disorganized at first! I hope it will all run smoothly. If not, we'll try something else in April. :]

I know how incredibly frustrating it is to spend time entering all your info into a shopping cart, only to have it spit errors back at you. I'm trying to minimize this irritation. So thank you for sticking with DollBakery while we try to solve our "too many eyes to make, not enough hours in the day to make them" issues! ^^

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